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At Zest Clinic, we provide a full range of health and medical services to cater to your everyday needs. Explore our comprehensive list of services designed to help you manage chronic diseases, answer general health enquiries and more.

Benefits of a health screening

Health screening examinations are a great long-term preventive measure for anyone of all ages. It can help support prompt diagnosis, enhance your quality of life and identify any possible illnesses or diseases early. We strongly advise anyone to take charge of their health and undergo routine health examinations to ensure their body is at its best and healthiest.

How does health screening work?

Depending on the concern you are trying to address, a range of tests can be done to better identify the cause of the problem and recommended treatments to undergo. These tests can range from collecting samples to physical examinations.

Our Full Range of Services
Our GP Services:

● GP Consultation
● Health Screening
● LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)
● AMD (Advance Medical Directive)
● Adult Vaccination
● Child Immunisation
● Children Developmental Assessment
● Geriatric care
● Palliative care
● End-of-life care
● Exercise Prescription

What results can I expect?

The results after a health screening can vary between individuals and the concerns. A health screening can offer you peace of mind or a better understanding of the next steps you need to take in order to better your health.

If your doctor detects any abnormalities in your results, follow-up tests may be required to help identify the exact cause in order to diagnose any conditions and offer treatment.

When should I go for a health screening?

Even if you feel you are in good health, we recommend doing a yearly basic check-up as practice. You can consult your doctor on any tests you may require and get a recommendation on the frequency of screenings to ensure you are in good health.

If you are experiencing any early signs of possible health risks or notice any changes or pain in your body, it is advisable to consult a doctor instead of self-diagnosing the problem to prevent it from getting worse.

What age should I go for regular health screening?

Health screenings are open to all ages. It is never too early to adopt the practice of regular health screenings.