Dr Sankeerth Reddy

Co-Founder, Zest Clinic


Dr Sankeerth Reddy
Co-Founder , Zest Clinic

I am an Aesthetic Medicine Physician and General practitioner with special interest in Men’s Health, Pain Management and Functional Medicine. I am committed to providing the best care through using reliable clinical data and expertise, tailoring treatments to the unique needs of each patient. I completed my Masters of Public Health (MPH) at NUS and furthered my education with a Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (GDSM) from NTU-LKC-Imperial College, London. My professional experience covers numerous fields, including Aesthetic and Anti-ageing, Internal Medicine, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Geriatrics (Elder Care), Oncology, Sports Medicine, Men’s Health, and Pain Management. In the sphere of Aesthetic Medicine, I hold certifications to conduct all SMC-approved aesthetic procedures. I am a proud member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and hold a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. I am also a regional trainer for two globally recognized Aesthetic Brands, a role that allows me to pass on my expertise to the next generation of physicians. I am devoted to disrupting the aesthetic medicine field with innovative combination treatments that revitalise and rejuvenate beginning at cellular level.

Over nearly two decades in my career, I have accumulated extensive knowledge and skills in injectable treatments, including botox, fillers, collagen stimulators, threadlifts, lasers, Growth factor-stem cells treatment, and energy-based treatments such as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Radiofrequency (RF). These have equipped me to develop innovative, trend-setting combination treatment protocols that effectively rejuvenate and lighten pigmentation for patients. What brings me immense joy is the transformation that happens at the end of every treatment journey. This set me on my path to merge fundamentals of LOOKING GOOD and FEELING GREAT through my practices at Zest Clinic.

My personal experiences have fuelled my enthusiasm for Holistic Health and Functional Medicine, leading me to promote lifestyle modifications for the prevention of chronic diseases and longevity enhancement. I have continually educated myself in integrative health methods that perfectly align with my core medical interests. Whether it’s Aesthetic Medicine, General Medicine, Functional Medicine, Genetics, Nutrition Science, Sports Medicine, or Exercise Physiology, each field has contributed to my comprehensive understanding, enabling me to perceive beauty, health, and illness from a distinctive viewpoint.

Beyond being an advocate for wellness, I am also a proponent of Kindness and Sustainability. I love engaging in meaningful conversations filled with laughter. I firmly believe that a balanced diet and lifestyle, along with having a purpose in life, maintaining a healthy social network, and spending quality time with loved ones, are crucial components of anti-ageing.

About Me

Be it Aesthetic Medicine, General Medicine, Functional Medicine, Genetics, Nutrition Science, Sports Medicine or Exercise Physiology, they all served to enrich my fabric of knowledge and helped me look at beauty and aesthetic beyond skin deep (pun intended), health and illness through a whole different perspective.

I am on a personal healing journey to rediscover true health and longevity. Besides being a wellness advocate, I advocate for Kindness and Sustainability. I love meaningful conversations with lots of laughter. I believe healthy diet and lifestyle, together with having purpose in life, surrounding oneself with healthy social circle, investing time with loved ones, are all integral part of the pillars of anti-aging. I stay fit through healthy nutritious food, gym, CrossFit, martial arts, and cycling. I enjoy being in nature, long drives and cross-country rides, candid conversations, favourite podcasts and travel adventures.